Concrete Disposal

Question : I see you have larger dumpsters why do you not offer them for concrete?
Answer : we offer specialized concrete disposal bins because they are easier to load (low sidewall) and they are sized for the max weight carrying capacity of our trucks.

Question : How much does a yard of concrete weigh?
Answer : 1 yard of concrete can weigh approximately 1 ton but will vary significantly depending on it’s mixture.

Question: Can we put bricks ,asphalt, gravel or sand in the dumpster with the concrete?
Answer: We are here to help> but please ask us before mixing different aggregate materials into the concrete dumpster. Depending on your jobsite address will depend on where we recycle the material. Different recyclers have different rules please discuss it with us at the time you are booking the dumpster.

Question: Do you accept concrete that has rebar or wire mesh?
Answer: Most recyclers don’t accept heavy wire mesh or rebar so there is usually an extra fee to transport it further.
Question: What happens if I put garbage in with the concrete?
Answer: If there is any garbage mixed in your concrete recycling dumpster we may not be able to recycle the material and depending on the situation we may not be able to accept the material. If we can accept it we may need to dispose of it at a higher rate as garbage.
Question: I am breaking up a concrete area, how much concrete do I have?
Answer: Concrete when broken up will take up more room as the broken edges will create voids in the bin, but here are some figure to see how many yards you have.
    •    one cubic yard = 27 cubic feet
    •    1296 sq. ft. 1/4" deep
    •    648 sq. ft. 1/2" deep
    •    324 sq. ft. 1" deep
    •    162 sq. ft. 2" deep
    •    108 sq. ft. 3" deep
    •    81 sq. ft. 4" deep
    •    54 sq. ft. 6" deep

Question: How high can we load the bin?
Answer: Please never load the disposal bin high than the side of the dumpster. It is important for the safety of your workers, our drivers and those driving behind our loaded trucks. Never load  our dumpsters above the height of the sidewall. We will not pick-up unsafe loads under any circumstance.
Question: Do you rent disposal  bins or recycling containers for any other material.
Answer: Yes, we rent dumpsters for all materials except hazardous waste. We have recycling dumpsters and disposal bins in all sizes. Please call and we’ll  be happy to answer all questions.

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Concrete Bin and Dirt Bins

We now accept: 

  • dirt
  • red brick
  • re-bar
  • dirt
  • rock
  • asphalt
  • soil
  • gravel
  • sand
  • concrete with rebar

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